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What Types of Negligent Construction Cases Do You Handle

<strong>TRANSCRIPT: </strong>At Troy Law Firm, we handle cases that stem from the <a href="/personal-injury/negligent-home-construction/">negligent construction</a>, repair, renovation and design of buildings, commercial and residential structures. These are very technical cases. They can be very complex cases. And they can involve some fairly problematic coverage issues. I can honestly say that since 1994 I've probably not handled any type of case as much as I've handled these types of cases. So we have extensive experience in these types of cases. We know the issues, and we know the very unique kinds of experts that are required to successfully pursue these types of cases. So if you have suffered damages as the result of the negligent design, construction, repair or renovation of the building, give us a call. You can call us at (304) 315-2299. Or look us up on the web at