School Abuse & Violence

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Few things tear at our hearts more than the injury, abuse, or death of a child. Look into the eyes of those who have lost a child through any tragic occurrence and you will know, beyond all doubt, that they have lost a piece of themselves that can never be replaced.

Too often, families and communities suffer from child abuse in schools. If your child is a victim of sexual abuse, injuries due to negligent supervision, school campus accidents, or any other type of violence, turn to Troy Law Firm, PLLC for help from a Charleston injury lawyer.

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Holding Schools Responsible for Student Injuries

Any preventable child injury is a tragedy. As a Charleston school injury attorney, Mark Troy has 25 years of experience handling abuse, neglect, and personal injury cases for families and individuals. We will fight tenaciously to help ensure that your child receives both justice and the maximum benefit of any recovery against the wrongdoer.

School Injury Liability & Causes

desks in empty classroomSchool violence and abuse are not as rare as they should be, unfortunately. School should be a safe place for children of all ages, but danger can still lurk in classrooms and across school campuses. There are a number of situations that can lead to abuse and violence on school campuses. This is unacceptable, which is why we are dedicated to protecting the young victims of school ground violence and abuse.

School violence and abuse can result from:

  • Lack of supervision: As parents, we rely on teachers and school staff to provide adequate supervision of the children in their care. If children aren’t properly supervised, dangerous situations can occur which may lead to injuries or violence. Often, teachers spend the most time with their students, and can be the first to notice the signs of a dangerous student. If teachers neglect to take appropriate action, other students can be hurt.
  • Teacher abuse: Teachers are trusted to instill knowledge and wisdom in our children, but when they perpetrate violence or sexual abuse toward your child, the scars can last for a lifetime. If your child is the victim of sexual abuse or violence, Mark Troy will fight to hold the teacher responsible for their actions and ensure that your child receives justice.
  • School bus driver & crossing guard negligence: Bus drivers and crossing guards are among the many school employees we trust to watch our children and keep them safe. Negligence on the part of these adults can leave your child critically injured. Our Charleston school injury legal team can help you hold responsible parties accountable.
  • Sexual abuse and assault: Predators can make their way into your child’s school as an employee, or even can be a fellow student. It is the responsibility of the school officials to carefully screen employees for their suitability to work around children. It is the responsibility of the school staff to maintain adequate supervision and to respond appropriately to any claims of sexual assault or abuse. Failure to protect children can result in liability for any sexual abuse that occurs. Mark Troy can help your family understand your legal options and help you pursue justice to the fullest extent. Often, sexual assault or abuse can be addressed with not only a criminal trial, but also can be the cause of a civil court case on top of the criminal proceedings.
  • School district negligence: Your child’s school district leadership is responsible for nearly every aspect of your child’s school, including their teachers and school staff, maintaining campuses and equipment, providing secure campuses, and preparing for emergencies. If your child is injured at school in an accident or event that could have been prevented by the school district, they may be able to be held liable for your child’s injuries.

If your child has been injured in a school-related event, violent act or accident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can explain your legal options, help you choose the best path for your case, and fight tirelessly to ensure that your family receives justice.

Sexual Abuse in Schools

Your child deserves to feel safe and sound whenever he or she is at school. When this crucial element of a child’s well-being and education is violated by incidents of sexual abuse, justice must be carried out to set things right and restore your child’s psychological well-being.

crying young girl with doll hiding her face in her handsIf your child has been sexually abused while at school, do not hesitate to contact Troy Law Firm, PLLC for legal assistance and representation. For nearly 25 years, Mark Troy has been practicing law with a focus on abuse and injury claims and have since built a strong reputation for being a defender of the wrongfully harmed. When you retain our firm, you can be confident that Mr. Troy will never back down when there is so much at stake. He has helped clients ranging from elementary school age to university students.

Identifying Accountable Parties in Your Case

When sexual abuse is carried out on young students, it is not always clear who is truly liable for the damage. Mr. Troy’s skills and insight allow him to identify the accountable parties and help you understand the compensation to which you and/or your child is entitled.

Parties that can be held accountable for sexual abuse on school grounds may include:

  • Students: When sexual abuse is carried out by one student against another, faculty, administrators and others in charge of the care and supervision of the students may still be liable. Examples of this type of misconduct include everything from inappropriate groping to intercourse.
  • Teachers and administrators: Malicious sexual acts carried out in the schools by teachers, administrators and other School Board employees may place liability on both the Board employee engaged in the misconduct and the School Board responsible for the care and well-being of the student. This may be the case even if the sexual misconduct did not take place on school property, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Compensation for schoolyard sexual abuse claims needs to take into consideration any bills that could have accrued due to medical or psychological treatment and evaluations necessary for the care of your child. It must also include compensation for the emotional trauma your child endured due to the abuse. Mark Troy will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available to your child as a result of the sexual abuse committed upon him or her, taking into account the very specific psychological and emotional damages which flow from this type of deplorable misconduct.

Get Help Today & Ensure a Secure Future for Your Child

In the most serious cases, the effects of a child's injuries can last for years or even a lifetime. No matter how severe your child’s injuries, they deserve to see justice.

Mark Troy will work closely with you, physicians, and other health care specialists to plan for your child's future medical treatment and life care needs. If appropriate, he will collaborate with skilled financial consultants who can advise on the best investment options to maintain your child's recovery.

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