Negligent Home Construction and Sales

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Attorney Mark Troy can determine if you have a case related to negligent home construction or fraudulent home sales. Mr. Troy and our law firm are proud to advocate on behalf of people living in West Virginia and Kentucky, including Charleston, Huntington, Ashland and Prestonsburg. To learn more about these types of cases, please call our staff at 304-345-1122.

What is Negligent Home Construction?

Contractor looking at a home construction build and comparing to planYou depend on construction professionals to do a good job. Certainly you don't expect them to damage your home and leave it in worse condition than they found it. Unfortunately, some homeowners are victims of careless home design and repairs.

Here are several common examples:

  • Faulty, inadequate or ineffective repairs completed by a contractor
  • Contractor or builders introduce defects into the construction of the home
  • Home designers and builders create a deficient or faulty design

Similar to cases involving property damage, our firm has witnessed first-hand how devastating these scenarios can be. Your home is a significant investment, and you deserve the quality of construction you paid for and that was agreed to.

Fraudulent or Negligent Home Sales

Home buyer receiving keys after signing a sales agreementHome sales are another area where negligence or intentional omission can leave you with property problems you didn't anticipate. While you may feel frustrated and unsure of how to proceed, our attorney may be able to help you by holding the negligent party accountable.

When you purchase a home or other type of property, you should receive a Seller's Disclosure Statement from the seller/owner. In this document, the owner must disclose any and all deficiencies or problems they know about, for example:

  • Wet, moldy basement
  • Damaged roof
  • Mold in the home
  • Foundation problems

If they do not disclose and they knew or should have known about the deficiency, then you may have a case. They may have withheld information intentionally to try to maximize the value of the sale.

An Aggressive Advocate for Your Best Interests

Attempting to handle the situation yourself may lead to frustration and a dead end. Sometimes having a lawyer on your side can help the situation. Mr. Troy knows how to determine if negligence played a role in the construction, design or sales deficiency. He has handled these cases before and knows what to expect, as well as all relevant state, local and federal laws and regulations.

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