Motor Vehicle Accidents

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In a terrifying split-second, a motor vehicle accident can change your life forever. If you’ve suffered a serious injury in a wreck, you don’t just need legal advice, you need help. At Troy Law Firm, PLLC, we understand the physical, emotional and financial burdens that an accident can impose on you and your family. Our experienced attorney Mark Troy can provide you with the knowledge, skill and passion you need to successfully pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

To learn more about how we can help you, please call 304-345-1122 today to discuss your case for free. If you are in a hospital and unable to visit our office, our attorney will come to you. We welcome clients from Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia, Ashland, Kentucky, and other areas throughout West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

tow truck arriving at scene of nighttime car accidentAt Troy Law Firm, PLLC, we utilize nearly 25 years of practice and litigation experience on your behalf. We understand the complexities of West Virginia law and know how to build successful cases. Let us help you obtain the medical and financial assistance you need to restore your health and rebuild your life after a crash.

Some of the motor vehicle accident cases we handle include:

Our firm’s founder, Mark Troy, will work tirelessly to maximize your recovery and is always prepared for trial in order to get the justice you deserve. When you choose Troy Law Firm, PLLC, you can expect the highest level of personalized attention you should demand from a law firm. You can rely on us to protect your rights and carry the burden of your personal injury case so you can focus solely on healing.

Why You Need a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

There is a common misconception that accident attorneys are only necessary when negotiations with an insurance company break down. You may not realize how crucial it is to your claim to have an experienced lawyer help you through every step of the process. Insurance companies have large legal teams at their disposal whose primary goal is to protect the best interests of the insurer, not you. Mark Troy has handled motor vehicle accidents for decades, and he will ensure that your best interests are protected.

There are a number of potential benefits of contacting a motor vehicle accident attorney after you wreck, including:

  • Experience: Hopefully, your accident claim will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We handle these types of cases every day. There are a number of seemingly small details that can mean the difference between a fair and just settlement and little or no compensation.
  • Fair settlements: Insurance companies routinely offer less than injury victims need to recover their losses. We know how to accurately value your damages and will ensure that all of your medical bills and future financial damages have been taken into consideration.
  • Handling subrogation interest and liens: Even if you weren’t at fault, complicated issues can arise with your own insurance company, such as subrogation. You may not have noticed the subrogation terms on your own policy, but essentially, if you are injured in a car accident caused by someone else, and your own insurance pays for some or all of your medical care, you have an obligation to pay your insurer back in the event you obtain a settlement from the other party’s insurance. An attorney can negotiate this lien and help put more money in your pocket. Your personal injury lawyer can also negotiate outstanding medical bills and satisfy them on your behalf with settlement proceeds for far less than the amounts originally charged and owed.
  • Handling child claims and death settlements: When a personal injury claim is settled on behalf of a child, or a wrongful death claim is settled on behalf of an estate, the parent or guardian of the child and the administrator or executor of the estate must formally seek and obtain the Court’s approval of such settlements. The involvement of an attorney well-versed in these court proceedings is vital in ensuring that the settlement obtained is quickly and properly approved by the court such that the settlement proceeds may be distributed to the payees as quickly as possible. This same attorney will also counsel you and ensure that you are aware of and comply with any limitations placed by the court on the use of the settlement funds.
  • Focus on healing: Severe injuries take a significant toll on your quality of life. You need time to heal and cope with your new challenges. You don’t need the added stress of handling your legal matters. When we take over your case, our attorney will handle every aspect of your claim from start to finish. We will do the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting better.

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