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WVABCA Uses DUI Simulator to Teach the Dangers of Drunk Driving

The West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (WVABCA) unveiled a new DUI simulator at the State Capitol, and is planning on bringing the program to schools throughout the state.

The new simulator is an updated version of a similar machine that has been featured in over 600 events since 2010, reported WV MetroNews.

The simulator allows users to experience the dangers of driving under the influence while operating a safe computer program. It gives people a risk-free way to be virtually behind the wheel in “different types of driving conditions such as rain, snow, day, night, country roads, and urban highways,” said WVABCA spokesman Gary Robinson. The simulated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) increases during the course of the program, exhibiting actions and stimuli that would result from maintaining the current BAC while driving.

High school students are the main target of the program, which can be booked for classes and events at no cost. It is sponsored by the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, State Farm, and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

The Dangers of Drunk Driving: DUI in West Virginia by the Numbers

The most recently available comprehensive data on drunk driving in the Mountain State was released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2012, in its report entitled “Sobering Facts: Drunk Driving in West Virginia.”

As of 2012, the rate of drunk-driving related car accident fatalities in West Virginia exceeded the national average. The overall fatality rate of people killed in West Virginia in a collision involving an intoxicated driver was 5.6 deaths per 100,000 people. The national fatality rate that year was 3.3 deaths per 100,000 people.

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