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Summer driving.

5 Common Dangers of Summer Driving

Many people believe the cold winter months are associated with the most dangerous driving conditions. However, summer driving could be just as hazardous.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the period between July and September has the highest number of car accident deaths each year. In fact, August is considered the deadliest driving month of the year.

The following are the most common factors that make summer driving quite dangerous:

  1. Increase of young drivers – With school out for the summer, more teenagers and young adults will be driving for longer periods of time. Due to their inexperience and ability to become easily distracted, the questionable judgment and recklessness of young drivers can increase the risk of a collision.
  2. Increase of motorcycles and bicyclists – Now that the weather is substantially warmer, more bikers and cyclists will share the roads with other motor vehicles. However, motorcycles and bicycles can be hard to see and can easily disappear in your blind spot.
  3. Congested roads – The summer is a perfect time to take a road trip with family and friends. Since many people embark on road trips this time of year, the roads become more congested, creating adverse driving conditions such as road rage and reckless driving. Additionally, those who are unfamiliar with the area can easily make mistakes, resulting in a crash.
  4. Construction – The summer is generally the best time for road construction. Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that hundreds of traffic deaths occur in construction and maintenance zones every year. Whenever you encounter road construction, drive more slowly than usual and keep an eye out for construction workers.
  5. Auto part malfunction – The summer heat can do a number on your vehicle. Tire blowouts commonly occur since the hot weather expands the air inside tires. Furthermore, an engine can overheat due to the persistent use of air conditioning.

By understanding the dangers mentioned above, you can better prepare for adverse driving conditions and avoid being involved in a collision this summer.

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